The reality of getting a new, high powered PC may not be as bad as you think. Most of the big vendors have everyone convinced that you must get a whole new PC then just throw the old one out. That includes all the software too. Well, that's what they want you to do. Let's investigate the real world and what can be done.

First, you have a Pentium II or better PC.  It's worth something. A Pentium II with 2 gig hard drive CD-ROM and video card can be sold at the flea market for at least $100+!

You have a monitor, modem, and numerous other items you are familar with already. All you really need are the box with fast motherboard, CPU, big hard drive, AGP (Advanced Graphics Port) video, and multi-media. Personal Note... You interface with your PC primarily through the monitor. If you have a 4 - 7 year old monitor you will not be happy unless it is in EXCELENT condition.

Lets look at those costs:

       Barebones System with PCI/AGP motherboard & AMD Athlon 1800+ processor,
       8-32 meg onboard Video adapter, onboard Sound system,_______________$160
       256 meg DDR memory. _________________________________________$ 60
       CD-RW(48X) or better_________________________________________$  60
       Powered speakers.  ___________________________________________ $ 15 - 50
       Hard Drive- 40 gig. 7200 RPM___________________________________$  80
       Shipping ____________________________________________________$  25

The prices above are approximate from 2 or 3 vendors but reflect the Mid Year 2003 prices. You will need to do a little NET shopping to find your best prices and components. A good place to start is: If you are Technically inclined you should be able to assemble the parts yourself and load the programs. C&C sells a very similar "box" for $399. We also have a smaller upgrade box for $299! It contains an 1100 AMD Duron, 128 meg and a 20 gig drive.

<$400!   This is about all you really need to have a FAST, MODERN system! And you still have your old PC to use while you get familiar with your new system. Just put the two systems side by side and move the cables. You can load your software, program by program, testing and making sure all is OK until you have everything migrated and you are comfortable with your new computer.

Take the old CPU box out to the flea market, advertise it in 'I wanna', etc. and unload it for $100+. There are lots of people who would love to have your old Pentium II base unit who are still using a Pentium 1 or ,worse yet, a 486.

Your total cost to upgrade --- <$300
And they had you convinced you needed to spend hundreds more!

Chris Mayer ( 692-0820
Owner: C&C Computers