Windows XP is here and what does it require? Tons of memory and a fast processor!

    What has happened to memory prices?? It's still coming down! It s selling for less than it costs to manufacture! For us this is great but not likely to last. I can now install 128 meg of SDRAM for $40. The new DDR ram costs even less now. 128 meg is only $30. Be careful that your motherboard can handle the new stuff though! Most new SDRAM is "double density" and older boards require the lower density variety. 

    If your PC can't handle the new PC-133 SDRAM or DDR (double data rate) memory, consider an upgrade to a new motherboard or new processor unit. The cost of older memory, such as 72 pin EDO memory, makes this upgrade much more attractive. The cost of a new motherboard and 1100 processor is under $130 today. Add $30 for 128 megs of DDR memory and another $60 for labor and you have an 1100 system for around $220.

    An interesting footnote...  Hardware performance keeps rolling forward with faster and faster systems and prices keep droping lower and lower. The only area where prices have risen is software. The new Windows XP costs more and will only be installable on ONE system per license. It must be nice to have a monopoly. And if you buy a new processor unit or complete system from one of the majors (Gateway, Dell, HP) you will need to pay for all the new software bundled with it.

Presented by Chris Mayer