Broadband or High Speed Internet Access

Have you talked with anyone lately about High Speed Internet access? Most people who are currently using it are amazed and would never go back to 56K phone line modems. Its at least 10 times as fast as your old modem! That page, like CNN.COM, that took 30 to 40 seconds to load is now fully loaded in less than 4 seconds. Download at 3 meg each minute! This means the 25 meg upgrade for IE-5.5 will only take less than 10 minutes. Bye-Bye to the long waits when someone sends you a photograph attachment in your E-mail.

Broadband also opens up some new services. I had a customer in my shop recently who saw the telephone handset on the side of a computer monitor and asked about it. I explained Voice over Internet. With High speed access it works! He made a call to South Florida and talked for a few minutes for FREE. He said... This could save my business in South Florida over $2000 per month. Video conferencing and real time data collection are more functions that could be implemented with high speed access.

Justification...  You now spend ~ $20 per month for your ISP access through phone lines. Most people have or need a second phone line for Internet access at a cost of $15 - $20 per month. Thats nearly $40 per month. The total cost of Cable now is $40 per month including Cable Modem rental.

Another great benefit of High Speed access is that your connection is always on! You will not get those all too familiar disconnects or busy signals. No more waiting and listening to your modem dial and connect to your ISP. Its always on!  Beware... There is a DarkSide to "Always On" Internet access. You will have a constant IP address which is a big help for hackers (people who want to see what is in your PC). There are some excellent articles about security, firewalls, etc. so you may have some homework to do if you keep critical data on your system. I discuss some of the better web sites elsewhere in this web site.

If we have your attention come and see for yourself at C&C Computers in Hendersonville. Soon we will have a Broadband Demo setup and you can use it and ask questions of knowledgable people and get straight answers. Stop in and visit us and see some newer technology in action!